Snapchat embraces the Nairobi community

Greetings from Nairobi! Snapchat this morning “went live” in Nairobi. Following their tease all day Monday, Snapchat finally activated geofilters for the Nairobi community.


Team Snapchat recently released the community geofilters, a fun way to decorate some of our favorite places around the world.The geofilters allow cool effects on snaps from specific locations that different artists submit. Snapchat users using these geofilters can then share their stories to the storyline of the particular location. Lucky users whose snaps get verified are then featured in the location’s story.

From coffee shops in Venice to coastal towns in Oslo, we hope you’ve enjoyed discovering each little piece of art! Recently, we’ve had more and more Snapchatters ask us to help them create their own Geofilters – for marriage proposals, favorite cities, and even birthday parties! – Snapchat



The 3 filters for the Nairobi community have created a buzz around Snapchat with everyone having hopes of being featured in the Nairobi story. Snapchat is still largely deemed as a media for the young people but today also saw dormant Snapchat users come to life with everyone wanting a feel of the Snapchat geofilters. Let’s find out how well we will represent our city. 🙂


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