Twitter mourns oil spill with the black bird logo

Twitter users have for the past few hours reported a change in the Twitter logo. The Twitter logo has for the past few hours changed from the ordinary blue bird to a black bird.

Following the Santa Barbara, Carlifonia oil spill, Twitter has honored the occurrence by changing its logo temporarily to the black bird logo. An onshore pipeline rupture has caused an oil spill in the Santa Barbara region degrading the locale.

In 1969, another, much larger oil spill took place not far away. Nearly 3 million gallons of oil were released into the Santa Barbara Channel after an offshore well blew out, killing countless birds, blackening miles of beach, and precipitating an enormous public outcry. – CNN

(Image Source - CNN)

(Image Source – CNN)


The effects of the spill weren’t fully known as residents around the small community anxiously waited for news of the disaster’s harm. But five pelicans and a young sea lion — all covered with oil — were rescued and being treated. Dead fish and crustaceans washed up on the beach. Twitter’s change of logo was then effected in honor of these birds.

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