Twitter Polls lets your voice be heard

Twitter has for a while been used for voting, giving users a platform to share their opinions. During Twitter chats and other events, using hashtags has been among the ways users have been able to vote on differing opinions.

Twitter has now announced the new polls feature that will officially be used to weigh in on topics that users care about. The feature will be rolled out to all its users, enabling them a two-option poll.

Poll creators, especially brands will have a new way to engage their audience, understanding exactly what people think, and also allowing users’ voices to be heard.

A new poll icon will be displayed in the compose box, enabling the creation of polls. Polls will remain live for 24 hours, allowing users to vote anonymously on polls of their choice.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The new poll feature will be slowly rolled out on iOS, Android and desktop on

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