Dignified Children International

The COVID-19 pandemic saw me volunteering with a non-profit, Dignified Children International.

The organization held a support and training session with youth in Korogocho.

Stanley Okumbi (Former Harambee Stars Head Coach, and Founder Korogocho Football Club) addresses the teens.

With school closure as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, teenage pregnancies have been in the rise in Kenya. Dignified Children International decided to do something about it.

Masks on! – DCI offered masks to the children
Phoebe Maina (Co-Founder at Dignified Children International) addresses the teens

They teamed up with Korogocho Youth Football Club and Relationship Coach Nyokabi BK Kamau to reach some of the affected teens.

Relationship Coach, Nyokabi BK Kamau, engages the teens
One on One with Teens at Korogocho with Dignified Children International, Korogocho FC, and Coach Nyokabi. In Photos: Phoebe Maina, Nyokabi BK Kamau, Stanley Okumbi Location: Korogocho Stadium, Nairobi, Kenya Date: 15 July 2020 ___ © kawgwheelz

The teenagers were taught on sexuality, the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

The teenagers were also given sanitary packs to support them for a few months
Here’s a video documentary on how the day went